There is another couple Helpers you need to know about. First  let me say it is Sooo Good to have these Great Kids from the local high schools helping us each year. They do many great things in this community and in the world. You don’t usually hear these things in the daily news.

First, many of you might have seen the article in the Gateway News paper. Wow They gave us the front page. Look Close at the picture. That Girl standing next to me is Tawnee Guinn. She has been helping with us for the last 6 years. so this year she made the Gig Harbor Thanksgiving Basket Brigade her Senior Project.

Another Senior – Hannah Long is also helping us. And her senior project is Making dresses for girls in Africa. CHECK This Out! they make the dresses out of pillow cases. So please bring your food donations in a pillow case. We can then donate the pillow cases to her project. To find out more look up the website:

If you want to help Hannah then leave me a comment here on the site. I’ll forward it to her. And she will also need help sewing some of these dresses on December 6, 2012. She is having an event to put everything together.


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