Keep Remembering Albertsons in Gig Harbor !!!!!

Albertsons is in there 6th or 7th year of helping us. You all know they give us great pricing on bulk quantities for the Basket Brigade. AND with their help and yours we have been able to get all the Turkeys donated for the past 6 or 7 years. So Thanks to all of you in the community that have donated your turkeys with Albertson’s specials.

We hope to see you all buying up your groceries and turkeys again this year.

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Costco in Gig Harbor We Thank You Again!

Remember to support your Costco in gig Harbor as they have just donated 700 cans of corn to this years Thanksgiving Basket Brigade. and there may be more on the way.

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Thank You Family First Adult Family Living!!

Please send your Thanks out to Family First Adult Family Living. They are stepping up to the plate again this year. Last year they provided us with the Turkey Roasting Pans and they agreed to do it again this year.

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Hub Takeover Day is October 21st

Take your family and friends out to eat at The Hub in Gig Harbor on October 21, 2013, Gig Harbor Basket Brigade’s Hub Takeover Day.

When you download our Hub Takeover Flyer and present it to your server, 10% of food sales will be donated to the Basket Brigade.

Download the Gig Harbor Basket Brigade’s Hub Takeover Flyer

Get Directions
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Go Get Those Turkeys Today!

Thank you everyone! As we come to the final stretch we are still short 300 turkeys. Tell all your friends to head over to Albertsons in Gig Harbor. You can donate a Turkey to the Gig Harbor Thanksgiving Basket Brigade.

   They will keep it in the freezer  for us until we deliver on Wednesday morning.

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Head Out to Albertson’s In Gig Harbor

Starting today through Sunday the kids from both Gig Harbor and Peninsula High schools will be at Albertson’s helping the Gig Harbor Thanksgiving Basket Brigade. Many of them are members of the Interact Club which is a High School section of Rotary.

   Thanks to all these GREAT Kids and your generous donations we will get enough turkeys to feed about 500 families this Thanksgiving.

Here’s the Deal- When you spend $50 at Albertson’s you can donate a turkey to the Gig Harbor Thanksgiving Basket Brigade for only $7. (That is for a turkey up to 14 lbs). If you want to pay $9 then you can donate a larger turkey. Just tell the cashier “I want to Donate a Turkey to the Basket Brigade”. They will ring it up and keep it in the freezer for us to pick up next week when we deliver the baskets.

Thank You Everyone!

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Another Thank You Goes Out To Bankers Life!

Seems that Sandra Cooley-Allen and her managers Gary Downing & Kip Stallcop spear headed a drive that brought us about $650 for the Gig Harbor Thanksgiving Basket Brigade. Thank You Bankers Life.

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Here’s Another Great Way to Help the Gig Harbor Thanksgiving Basket Brigade And A Local Senior Project.

There is another couple Helpers you need to know about. First  let me say it is Sooo Good to have these Great Kids from the local high schools helping us each year. They do many great things in this community and in the world. You don’t usually hear these things in the daily news.

First, many of you might have seen the article in the Gateway News paper. Wow They gave us the front page. Look Close at the picture. That Girl standing next to me is Tawnee Guinn. She has been helping with us for the last 6 years. so this year she made the Gig Harbor Thanksgiving Basket Brigade her Senior Project.

Another Senior – Hannah Long is also helping us. And her senior project is Making dresses for girls in Africa. CHECK This Out! they make the dresses out of pillow cases. So please bring your food donations in a pillow case. We can then donate the pillow cases to her project. To find out more look up the website:

If you want to help Hannah then leave me a comment here on the site. I’ll forward it to her. And she will also need help sewing some of these dresses on December 6, 2012. She is having an event to put everything together.

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Wow Rebecca that was a Great Surprise!

You remember our blog a couple days ago. We had received 250 Turkey Pans. Then it was 400. Well Rebecca met me today. We loaded 580 Turkey Pans into my car. Yes it fit. They filled the trunk. They filled the back seat. They filled the front passenger seat.

So be sure when you see Jim & Rebecca Brooks at the Basket Brigade this year, you thank them. And they will pass your thank you’s on to the Family First Adult Family Homes.


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Sunday,November 18th Chapel Hill Deacons are Helping the Thanksgiving Basket Brigade

Sunday, November 18
Chapel Hill Deacons will be collecting food and money to help support the Basket Brigade of Gig Harbor. Bring food donations into the lobby on Sunday, November 18. Checks can be made payable to the “Basket Brigade.” If you’d like to help assemble the baskets, show up at 11:30am on Wednesday, November 21 at the Tacoma Narrows Airport in Gig Harbor, Bldg. 1420, Hanger 3.
   Thank you Chapel Hill for supporting our Thanksgiving Basket Brigade!
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